Sight Real Estate has developed a unique business plan that works for their investors. To get more information please read and accept the non disclosure and confidentiality agreement below.

Sight REAL ESTATE, LLC and Undersigned (“Potential Investor”) and (collectively “The Parties”) agree to the following: Sight properties will furnish Potential Investor materials concerning business operations and financials. Potential Investor will furnish Sight Properties financial information proofing access to funds to qualify as an investor. All information received will be considered proprietary and confidential. Data and documents (collectively, the “Information”) concerning business operations may be involved in related discussions/negotiations all of which may not be publicly or otherwise disclosed or discussed.

Except as otherwise required by law, the undersigned agrees to hold all information as strictly confidential and agrees no to use, disclose, or discuss the Information for any purpose or with any person and further agrees not to permit anyone else to disclose the information to any person without the prior written consent of The Parties: provided this information may be disclosed to the undersigns directors, members, officers, accountants, partners, financial advisors and legal counsel.

The Potential Investor agrees to use all Information obtained solely and entirely for the purpose of evaluating participating in the investment.

At the request of The Parties, the undersigned shall surrender all originals of the Information to the The Parties within two (2) calendar days of such request without retaining any copy, extract, or other reproduction (in whole or in Part) of the Information.

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